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What to Expect from Your Personal Training Sessions

Posted by LeeAnn Langdon on Mon, Sep 19, 2011 @ 06:27 PM

Signing up for personal fitness training is a big step, and hopefully it's your first step down a path of lifelong fitness. But the first time you do anything it can be a little intimidating, so here are some things you can expect when you sign up for one-on-one personal training sessions with Prime of Life Fitness.

  1. Convenient sessions at your home or office. No traveling to the gym, and no packing a bag full of clothing and gear. We can also work out at a nearby park if you prefer. But if you have a gym membership, remember that most community rec centers or commercial gyms won't allow outside trainers.
  2. A thorough initial assessment. Your first session always includes a health and exercise history as well as posture and fitness assessments to determine your goals and your starting point. This thorough initial session is the foundation on which we build a safe and effective fitness program just for you.
  3. No equipment needed. personal fitness equipmentUnless you have workout equipment that you'd like to put to use, we'll bring all the equipment you need. A big part of the appeal of our training programs is that we'll teach you how much you can accomplish with little or no equipment.
  4. Support and encouragement. If you're looking for a drill seargent, you've come to the wrong place! At Prime of Life Fitness, we want fitness to be something you look forward to, so we deliver feel-good fitness. You can expect supportive, encouraging feedback as we challenge you to push your limits and exceed your expectations.
  5. Varying session contents. The make-up of each session will depend on your goals and needs. We may spend the whole time working out, or we may spend time learning new techniques and proper movement patterns. If weight loss is one of your goals, we may spend time on nutritional or motivational counseling. Your regular feedback helps us tailor each session just for you.
  6. Accountability. You'll have regularly scheduled appointment times and a trainer who holds you accountable for living up to your potential and meeting your own goals.
  7. A fun, high-energy experience. Whatever your ability and fitness level, we'll design a program that challenges you, but doesn't wipe you out. You'll feel stronger, more energetic and less stressed after every workout.

Do you have other questions about what to expect from your personal training sessions? Ask them in the comments,and we'll do our best to answer!

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