Welcome to Prime of Life Fitness

I'm LeeAnn Langdon. I’m so glad you made it here, and I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

I became a certified personal trainer in my mid-forties, after a twenty-five-year career in the book publishing supply chain. It was a major mid-life career change for me, but it made perfect sense to turn my passion for fitness into my career.

Like many of you, I have had a love-hate relationship with exercise and fitness my whole life (love the way it makes me feel; hate making time for it and hate the smelly gym scene). Reaching mid-life really made me think about my goals and priorities. I discovered that everything I wanted for my future required a solid foundation of good health and a strong, fit body.

My specialty is working with mature adults—Baby Boomers and Seniors—to help them develop the fitness habits that will let them age gracefully, vibrantly and joyfully.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to meeting you soon to learn about your challenges and goals.

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