Couple and Small-Group Personal Training

Studies show that we're more likely to stick with a workout program when we have strong support from family and friends, and especially when we exercise with a partner.

Prime of Life Fitness offers custom personal training programs for you and your partner, or you and a group of your friends. You'll get all the benefits of a personalized program built just for you plus the added fun of working out with your friends.

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Couples Training is a great way for spouses and significant others to support one another's fitness goals while having fun together. You'll maximize your time together and improve the quality of your workouts.

And don't think couples workouts are only for "couples." Your aging mom might love learning to do a modified workout with you, and you'll both enjoy the benefits of increased activity and time together.

How about a workout built for you and your grandchild? You can enjoy fun, quality time with them while you model healthy habits for life.