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Denver Personal Trainer | Specialist in Fitness Over 40

Welcome to Prime of Life Fitness, where you'll find feel-good fitness for the rest of your life.

If you’re a man or woman “of a certain age,” you know that staying fit is not as easy as it used to be. It can be harder to keep a healthy weight, you have countless demands on your time, and you have aches and pains and maybe even chronic medical conditions that you didn’t have in your younger years.

But you also know that exercise is good for almost every condition we face in our adult years, from diabetes to high blood pressure, insomnia to osteoporosis.

At Prime of Life Fitness you'll find a wealth of free fitness and nutrition information along with in-home personal training, couple and small-group personal training and online personal training programs. And it's all specifically geared for Baby Boomers and Seniors who want to age vibrantly and independently.

Our goal is to design a fitness program that makes you feel good and to help you adapt that program to fit your needs for the rest of your life.

So please, look around, make yourself at home, come back often, and begin your fitness journey with us today.