Fitness Classes and Workshops for Corporate, Civic and Church Groups

In addition to personal fitness training, Prime of Life Fitness offers a variety of fitness presentations, classes and workshops for corporations, civic groups and church groups.

Now you can bring valuable fitness and wellness information to your church or community group or your employees with presentations and classes custom-tailored to meet your needs.

Single-session Presentations

Single-session presentations are often available at no charge, and can be tailored to your group's specific needs and time restrictions.

Sample topics include:

  • Simple Stress Relief
  • Posture Fixes for Desk Workers
  • 5 Essential Movements for Functional Fitness
  • Bone and Joint Health
  • Core Stability and Posture
  • Exercise for Vibrant Aging
  • Heart and Brain Health
  • How to Read a Nutrition Label
  • Keeping a Healthy Pantry
  • Portion Control Tips and Tricks
  • Preventing Falls at Home
  • Walking for Wellness
  • Golf Flexibility


Workshops and Classes

Workshops and classes are hands-on, interactive experiences that get participants involved and moving. Workshops range between two to four hours and provide an introduction to the topic. Classes offer more opportunity to practice new skills and  typically last 30-60 minutes for six to twelve sessions, depending on your needs.

  • Beginning Resistance Training for Seniors
  • Flexibility and Stretching
  • Habits: How They Make Us or Break Us
  • Introduction to Functional Fitness
  • Osteoporosis Safety and Fitness
  • Professional, Pain-Free Posture
  • The Power of Balance
  • Walking for Wellness
  • Seated Fitness for Seniors

For pricing and scheduling and to learn more about tailoring sessions for your group's needs, contact LeeAnn at Prime of Life Fitness, 720-295-0150.



What They're Saying About the Workshops

"Appropriate exercises that everyone can do--that really work."

--Golf Flex Workshop attendee


"Great reminder of what I should be doing every day! You have motivated me to start again!"

--Golf Flex Workshop attendee


"It reinforces all the things we know about but still don't do."

--Professional Posture Workshop attendee


"Excellent information. Total feel-good afterwards."

--Professional Posture Workshop attendee.