Fitness Programs for Baby Boomers and Seniors in the Prime of Their Lives

Somewhere in my mid forties I realized that my old workout plan just didn’t work for me anymore. It was harder to maintain my “fighting weight,” and when I worked out hard enough to stay in shape, I needed a lot more time to sleep, rest and recover. With a busy schedule, it sometimes just didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, I was watching my parents aging, slowing down, and losing some of their youthful vigor. That’s when it hit me. Fitness isn’t about the number on the scale, how many pounds you can bench press or how many miles you can run.
Fitness is about feeling good, preventing illness, and maintaining your independence, vigor and quality of life for as long as you can.

The time to start your fitness journey is now, because it’s an adventure that will last the rest of your life and take you places you never imagined!

I’ve built my business and created this site with one goal in mind: to help you feel better every day for the rest of your life by finding the fitness program that works for you. My fitness plans always include elements of strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. We need all four qualities to live a well-rounded life—especially the older we get.

Whether you’re struggling with your weight or low back pain, trying to manage high blood pressure or diabetes, trying to improve your balance and flexibility, or just trying to make it through 18 holes of golf, I’d love to help you make fitness a part of the rest of your life.