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Positive Wellness, Positive You at Colorado Free University

Posted by LeeAnn Langdon on Fri, Jun 13, 2014 @ 09:10 AM

Wouldn't it be great if you felt healthy, happy and fulfilled all the time? If you'd like to enjoy a whole-person state of wellness that's so much more than just the absence of illness, you'll want to check out the newest Prime of Life Fitness class at Colorado Free University.

positive wellness

Positive Wellness, Positive You is a two-night introduction to the concept of positive health. An offshoot of the positive psychology movement, positive health looks for ways people can identify and maximize their health assets to achieve wellness in all areas of their lives.  It's about leveraging strengths, not just treating illness. It's about cultivating ease, not just treating diseases.

Over two evening sessions we'll look at the seven dimensions of wellness, and you'll get to assess your own wellness in each area. We'll identify your character strengths and look for ways to leverage those strengths to develop positive wellness in the areas you need the most help. 

We'll look at the latest science behind the stress response, and we'll learn hands-on skills for managing your own unique stresses. We'll learn about the power of the mind-body connection and how to use that connection in both directions to improve both physical and mental/emotional health.

I'll be teaching this class with my colleague, Carol Hollifield, a licensed professional counselor in private practice at Inner Counseling. Carol has over 20 years experience in the counseling and mental health field, and she brings a supportive, non-judgmental approach to the class.

Class Details

When: Two Thursdays,
June 19 and June 26, 2014
6:30 - 8:30 pm

Where:  Colorado Free University
7653 East 1st Place
Denver, CO 80230

Cost: Non-members: $71
Members: $59
Materials Fee: $5

Register for Positive Wellness, Positive You at Colorado Free University.

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