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Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions with In Home Personal Training

Posted by LeeAnn Langdon on Thu, Jan 05, 2012 @ 07:20 AM

Judging from the crowds on the walking and hiking trails and the cars in the parking lots of the gyms and rec centers this month, I'm guessing that lots of Denverites made a New Year's fitness resolutionresolution to get more exercise.

Sadly, though, I know that those crowds will disappear within just a few short weeks, and people who started the year with the best intentions will go back to their old habits and routines. It's not a lack of will power that makes people fail at keeping their fitness resolutions. Making any kind of change in your life is difficult, but you can make a change in your fitness habits much easier if you include in home personal training as part of your plan.


Many well-meaning resolution makers lose their way simply trying to manage the logistics of a new fitness program. In addition to the time actually working out, going to a gym requires packing a change of clothes and toiletries, driving to the gym, and unpacking the bag at the end of the day. With in home personal training, you don't have to add the complexity of a trip to the gym into your already hectic schedule, and you get to work out in an environment that is comfortable, private, and non-intimidating. The trainer comes to you, so the only time you have to commit is the time spent exercising and dressing. (And your personal trainer promises not to notice if you have bedhead in the the morning.)


Once February comes along with its cold, dark mornings and slushy drives, your shiny resolution starts to get a little dull around the edges, and it's all too easy to hit the snooze button and promise to make up your workout tomorrow. But if your personal trainer is coming to you, there's really no escaping her. Your trainer will make sure you attend all your scheduled sessions, and she'll check your progress on the workouts you do on your own. Knowing that someone else is tracking your workouts makes it much harder to skip them.

Habit Development

Changing habits takes time, focus and deliberate effort. If you haven't noticed, it's actually quite challenging to have to make good choices over and over again until your new behavior becomes just a natural part of your life. A few months of sessions with an in home personal trainer can be just the boost you need to develop that new fitness habit and make it a part of your daily life. The convenience and accountability built in to in home personal training sessions makes it easier for you to establish your new healthy habit.

Proper Pace and Intensity

The biggest mistake I see New Year's exercisers make is starting out too hard and expecting too much too soon. Of course you won't stick with your workouts if they leave you feeling exhausted, sore and worse than before you started. With in home personal training you'll get a custom workout that challenges you, but doesn't exceed your ability and doesn't risk injuries. Your personal trainer will design a program that allows you to see progress that seems almost effortless, because it is perfectly suited to your abilities at the moment, and it progresses to greater difficulty only when your body is ready to take on more.

Personalized Results

On one hand, if you've been inactive, any activity you add to your day will improve your fitness. But if you want to see quicker results and achieve specific fitness goals, you can't beat the personal focus of in home personal training. Your trainer will develop a plan for you that takes into consideration your current posture and movement patterns, any muscle imbalances or structural abnormalities you may have, any injuries or limitations you have, and the specific goals you want to achieve. By focusing your efforts on your unique situation, in home personal training will help you get the results you want faster.

If this is the year that you are truly committed [again] to improving your fitness, consider giving yourself a fighting chance with an in home personal training package. A few months of regular sessions can help you achieve your fitness goals with less effort and can help you develop the fitness habits that will finally last a lifetime.

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