Denver Metro In-Home Personal Training Rates

Choose from a selection of program options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Monthly Subscriptions are the most economical and most effective option. A monthly subscription rewards you for making an ongoing commitment to your health.

Single Sessions are the most flexible option. Pay as you go with no long-term commitment.

Multi-Session Packs Save by pre-purchasing five or ten sessions in advance, and schedule at your convenience.

in-home personal training ratesIn a one-on-one personal training session your trainer will come to your home or office for your session. We will use equipment brought by Prime of Life Fitness or your own equipment.

Each session lasts one hour, and depending on your needs may include all workout time or a combination of workout, technique training, and/or nutrition and motivational counseling.

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Monthly Subscriptions

Why Subscribe?

  • It's the most affordable way to make a sustained commitment to your health.
  • Get priority scheduling. Commit to a regular schedule and your time slot will be reserved for you. 
  • Develop new habits and improve your odds of success with consistent effort over time.
  • Save up to 50% off the single-session rates.
  • Convenient, monthly payment schedule.

All subscriptions require an initial six-month commitment. After 6 months, cancel any time with 30 days' notice.

1 Session per Week - $350/month

2 Sessions per Week - $650/month

3 Sessions per Week - $900/month

4 Sessions per Week - $1050/month

5 Sessions per Week - $1200/month

How It Works

With a monthly subscription you make the commitment to a regular workout schedule each week. You get to reserve your time slot so that even if you go on vacation, your spot is saved for you when you get back. If you need to reschedule occasionally, we'll do our best to find a spot to fit you in.

You make an initial commitment of 6 months, then after that you simply continue month-to-month with the option to cancel at any time with 30 days' notice.

Payment is due on the first of each month and may be made via cash, check or credit card. Subscription clients must have a credit card on file with Prime of Life Fitness regardless of the payment method chosen.

To check schedule availability and begin your subscription,
call 720-295-0150.

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Single-Session $90/hour

single session personal training rates

Multi-Session Packs

5 Pack $425

Full package price paid in advance.
Sessions expire 90 days after purchase.

This is a great starter package if you’re new to personal training and want to get a feel for what it’s like. It’s also a low-risk way for you to test your commitment level and your comfort with your trainer.

describe the image10 Pack $800

Full package price paid in advance.
Sessions expire 120 days after purchase.

The package for people with irregular schedules. Save by pre-purchasing sessions, but enjoy the flexibility of variable scheduling.

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